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About Yoga

Everyone needs yoga!

"He/She needs yoga!" That is my response to anyone who tells me about health problems, trauma, physical ailments, stress, grief, busyness, etc...either their own or of someone they know. Yoga isn't a magic pill that will "fix" all of your problems overnight. That pill doesn't exist. Yoga is a process of physical practice that unites the mind, body, and soul in self exploration, self help, and self healing. It clears our headspace to allow us to see what we need to be whole.


How Do I practice yoga?

Show up on your mat everyday. Somewhere. That doesn't mean to literally roll out your mat and perform asanas, although you really should. Yoga is about more than the physical practice of poses. It's about how you respond to yourself, to others, and to life. It's about looking in the mirror and loving the beautiful, worthy person looking back. It's about taking a breath or two or three before you deal with a difficult person or situation.  It all takes daily practice and mindfulness.

How does it work?

Regular practice will help you improve and perfect poses, correct posture and positioning, and improve your breathing. In order for that to happen your mind must be completely focused on what your body is doing and not on what you need at the grocery store and the 50 other things you need to do after class. You must have total mind and body connection. That is also what life requires. Total mind and body connection. People often ask why they are having trouble with balance poses in class. My answer is typically, "If you are not balanced in life it is difficult to balance in the studio and vice versa."    

Class Descriptions

Gentle Soul Hatha

A very beginner friendly class. Slow movement through simple floor and standing postures using blocks and straps to assist and modify poses to make them more accessible to everyone. Focus on alignment and terminology of the more basic and traditional postures.


Soul Hatha

Slow flow between long held poses designed to build strength and stamina while focusing on flow between and alignment in each pose. 

Soul Flow

An all levels flow designed to challenge each student at every level.  Moderately paced fluid movement from pose to pose. Poses can be modified to fit every yogi at every level.

Soul Signature

This is our signature series designed as a challenging all levels flow. The series offers moderate movement (one breath/one movement) through a set sequence of postures. It's a great class to measure progress from week to week.

Soul Power

Dynamic movement connected with breath between powerful postures for a more intense workout.

Soul Restore

Our restorative offering has very little movement and long held poses supported with props provided in studio. A great way to wind down at the end of the day.

How much does it cost?

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